Sunday, November 10, 2013

My first official class

Thanks so much to Deb Kopeschny for an absolutely wonderful couple of Zentangle® classes yesterday. I loved meeting all of my classmates, partly due to the fact that I really still don't know anyone here, but mostly because they were just so fun.  What a terrific group!

I've been unable to do much tangling since May because I moved to Ontario from Mississippi.  Between the move and work-related upheaval, it's been a delightful struggle to find time for everything I want to do.  It'll be a while yet until I get into some sort of routine (and I'm wondering if that will ever happen), but for now, I've decided to be sure to make time for 2 really important things... (1) exercise--I bought some home equipment, and it'll be here soon, and (2) tangling!  Gotta keep the body healthy and the mind relaxed.

Here are the tiles I created.

First....drumroll Very First Official Zentangle tile:

I've done all these tangles before, but I remain constantly amazed at the way a familiar tangle can take on a new look when paired with something different, or when done in a different shape.

Here are the other 3 I did in the 2 classes:

The last is not my favorite ever...but ahh, it was still fun to do.

This class was also my first "Self-Enrichment" outing since I got to the area.  I hope to do another very soon.  If you haven't done an official class yet, I highly recommend doing one!

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