Monday, January 13, 2014

This week from the diva: Weekly Challenge #150: One Little Word

Sometimes things just have a way of working out, like this week's challenge from the diva.

A little over a week ago, I ran across 365grateful, a site that tells of a film that is all about a year-long photography project, all focused (sorry for the pun, but I'm sticking with it) on gratitude.  Hailey (the person behind the camera) initially started the project as a way to help her fight depression, and from all accounts, it certainly did help her, and others who followed her lead.

I have wasted a lot of my adult life in bad situations that I didn't avoid well enough, others I didn't fight hard enough to break free from, and there were many years I just walked around half-awake.  Always I was wishing for something more--some things tangible, and some more esoteric.

And now?  I LOVE MY LIFE.  A few years ago, my best friend's fight against breast cancer woke me right the hell up.  I have made it a point ever since to never let fear be the reason I didn't do what I wanted or needed.  I've got a million miles to go, but I've come so far, and I am so thankful.

I figured I would love to do a project like Hailey's.  I don't do photography, but I do Zentangle.  Why not use that medium?

So I started my own project, which I call my "Grateful Zed" tangles.  (For those of you who are non-Canadian, the letter "Z" is called "Zed" in Canada.)  I've done 11 so far, in no particular order of importance to me, but rather done as the inspiration hits.

And now the diva has posted this week's challenge, and I bet you can guess my "One Little Word"--

GRATITUDE:  (n) A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

The "string" is in the shape of the "gratitude symbol", which originated with the Go Gratitude Project back in 2005.  I just liked the shape.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that 
what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” 
― Epicurus

This quote could not be more appropriate for me.  I have so much love and happiness in my life that I have to pinch myself sometimes, and I know how special that is.


  1. Your post is beyond inspiring and I totally LOVE your idea. A dear friend of mine made me an awesome Christmas present and created a tangle a day calendar because we both don't have the chance to buy the original one money-wise. I'm trying to take the time each day and tangle. It doesn't work EVERY day but I'm grateful that I have the opportunity. I also bought a very nice notebook that I carry with me everyday. Now -when I don't have to go outside in my lunch break - I just clock out and use my 30 to 45 minutes to draw. And it's amazing to calm myself during the work day. ^^

    Are you showing all of your daily artworks on your blog? I'd like to follow your journey.

    1. I am going to put them up in groups, I think. I have quite a few now, so I guess it's a good time to start. Thanks!

  2. Great post! Your tile is gorgeous and a perfect setting for "gratitude".

  3. Poignant words and sentiments. And a great word and tangle. I like 'Grateful Zed' - it works in UK English too! Axxx

  4. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  5. Very lovely and elegant. And your word? The best ever.

  6. I love Henna Drum and your word is perfect!

  7. Wonderful word and very pretty tile!

  8. Dayna, your word and work are beautiful! So much feeling in it!!! :0) Share Humanity

  9. Great tangle and I love that quote!