Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tangles and Doodles and Rediscovering My Creative Side

I was shopping online for Christmas presents for my artistically gifted teenage daughter, and I saw One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula.  "Zentangle"?  I'd never heard of it.  I ordered it for her, but it has been my book since the day we opened the package.  I've scoured the web for new patterns, literally hooked since the day I picked up a Pigma Micron pen.

This is the very first tangle I attempted.

Not bad, huh?And that pattern in the right bottom corner...I made that up, and I have no idea if someone might already have thought it up.  If you've seen it before, please tell me.  And if not, maybe I should name it.  Any ideas?

Here are a few more that I did in the first few weeks:

This last one is just from an experiment in my sketchbook, and not really a tangle, but it turned out so well, I had to post it.  I was playing with AuraKnot and wondered how it would look with other shapes, and this is what I ended up with.


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