Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This week from the Diva: Weekly Challenge #156: "Curvy Gridlock"

Maybe everyone gets into a rut from time to time...I know that I sure do.  Sometimes it amazes me how much the Weekly Challenge from the Diva can do toward breaking me out of a rut.  I simply couldn't get it together enough to come up with something I really liked for this week's challenge, but it was mostly because all day Monday and most of yesterday I was feeling so restless.  Nothing seemed to be the thing I should be doing.  I did work, but I was for some reason utterly distracted the whole time...distracted by what?  Beats me.

Later in the day, I took a break and decided it was time for a little meditation via Zentangle, and wouldn't you know it?  Out of that 20 minutes or so, a new pattern found its way out of my pen, and I felt peaceful the rest of the day.  Bonus...the feeling carried over into today.

So here are my responses to this week's challenge.  The first is from Monday, and I was less than thrilled with it.  I just wasn't feeling it.  I did enjoy using Beth Snoderly's new pattern Phen for the first time, though.  I really love that pattern and will be playing with it more.

The string for this one was completely random, and the
patterns I used were
Phen, a variant of Quare, and Up and Across

And here's the tile I did last night.  I don't really think it's all that much better-looking, but it felt better. Know what I mean?  And best of all, I got to use my new pattern.

Random string again.
The patterns in this one: Graancirkel, Palrevo, Puf, and
my new tangle, "Grani".

I named my new tangle after my mother (that's what the kids call her, and she prefers this spelling.  Maybe to her "Grani" doesn't look as old as "Granny".  She may be onto something.  Here's the step-out for the new pattern.

As always, PLEASE let me know if you've seen this pattern elsewhere.  I would never want to steal somebody's idea.  Even if it's just too similar to another pattern...TELL ME!  

Happy tangling,


  1. Great tiles and grani looks like a fun one that I will have to try.

  2. Beautiful tiles and new tangle :) I need to try it

  3. Both are beautiful! Your wonderful shading makes a great 3D effect! Lovely new tangle!

  4. Both are great and I do like the new tangle. Thank you for sharing.